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"Worry Free" Custom Websites
Whether you are responsible for an educational, philanthrophic or nonprofit organization—or a small business—you can have a "worry free" website that meets your needs and your budget. Lightjourney websites let you manage as much, or as little, as you wish—and select only the components you need.

Your website can include: online event registrations, credit card processing, shoppping carts, prospect/donor development, video, social media, and email marketing. Your Lightjourney website also comes with 365-day-per-year tech support, and it is fully scalable — it can to grow as you grow!
» State-of-the-art, interactive websites
     designed specifically for your own
     organization or business
» You select only the components
      and functions that you need
» Our "content management system"
     is designed for you — you control
     as much or little as you wish
» Links to online newsletters, blogs,
     e-blasts, videos, social media, and
     online databases where needed
» 365-day-per-year tech support,
     plus staff training as needed
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"We have benefitted greatly from our beautiful website and our online
  bookstore. Plus, the same-day tech support from Lightjourney is super!"
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