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Fundraising and Development
Raising money to fund the mission is often a significant part of any organization's life. While some community and educational organizations have a steady stream of revenue, many do not—or, if they did in the past, it is drying up. Therefore, their very existence often depends upon telling their story and maintaining support for their mission.

In recent years, however, this task has become easier and less expensive—thanks to the advent of technology. Through the effective use of websites, email campaigns, and
social media, most small and medium size organizations get their message out more effectively and less costly than in previous years.

Developing community, brand loyalty, and donor appeals are now a part of the strategy of most organizations. The staff of Lightjourney has extensive experience in planning effective ways to build and maintain support for your organization's mission. Give us a call and we will be happy to help you explore all options for effective fundraising and development.
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